Help white the Motorshield

I need help with my Arduino motor shield
with the L298P Motor Driver
I am using an Arduino Uno Rev 2 with the USB power supply from the PC.
I have had the motor shield for about 2 weeks and I am looking for a test sketch with instructions.
So I would like to have a sketch for the L298P motor driver with instructions on how to wire it up and the library to go with it.
Thanks for your quick help and sorry for my bad english

So what sort is it?
Here is how to wire up one sort:-

What sort of motor are you trying to use?
A L298P is a very poor choice for a 5V system as you loose so much voltage with it switching there is very little left to drive the motor. You often need to supply them with more voltage.

You do not need a library to drive this chip, just switch the pins with a digitalWrite call.

i want to bulid a car white a 24volt motor

and i can use a external power suplay

Yes you can do that. The LM298 has a separate input for the motor voltage and the logic voltage. You connect the logic voltage to 5V and the motor voltage to 24V.

By the way, the word “white” describes a colour which is opposite to the colour black.

You need help “with” a problem.

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