Help with 16x2 LCD and 595 shift register

Hi! Im new to the forums, I've using and learning with an arduino uno rev3 for 4 months now, I would like to know if someone could please help me connect a 16x2 lcd using a 595 shift register, Im actually using this configuration and this librarie with the arduino 1.0 Ide, but nothing seems to work, can some one help me get my lcd going please? Ive also being using the example code in the librarie to test it but it doesnt work. Here is the datasheet for my shif register Thanks!!

Take clear photo of your setup please. Assuming the library works, you probably have a wiring error.

The easiest thing would be to look at fm's New LiquidCrystal Library, as it supports 585 shift register and the project page has example circuits fir 1 wire, 2 wire and 3 wire connection methods.