Help with 180deg phase shift

hello everyone
i wanted to generate 2 pwm signals that are 180 deg phase shifted using arduino timers ( the duty cycle is variable and not fixed to 50% )
i succeeded to do so using the following 2 lines of code i found online :

TCCR2A = bit (WGM20) | bit (COM2B1) | bit (COM2A1) | bit (COM2A0);// phase shift=180 deg  
  TCCR2B = TCCR2B & B11111000 | B00000101;    // f= 245.10 Hz

now i want to generate additional 2 signals in the same way using timer1, any help ?

timer1 is 8-bit and timer2 is 16-bit. The arduino (atmega) only has 3 timers, and only one of them is 16-bit. unless you can use the same timer in a different way, you are probably going to need a couple more arduinos.

What do two PWM signals look like when one of the is shifted 180 degrees from the other? Inverted? Delayed? Both?

Thanks for your replayes
The reaolution (256 for timer2 and 1024 for timer 1 ) is not much of interest, i just need to generate pwm with variable dutycycle and generate another 180 deg phase shifted one ( delayed by 1/2f )
Somethink like this

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