Help with 2/2R DAC Quick!!!

I have just soldered together a 6 bit R/2R digital to analog converter. The problem Im having is that the voltages i get are like so..... .07-.22-.36-.51-1.8-1.94 and so forth. My question is why is there a bit voltage jump from .51volts to 1.8 volts. any help is appreciated!

Maybe you put in the wrong resistor value?

What can you show us in terms of a schematic or picture?

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It shouldnt be a wiring problem I have followed numerous schematics from the web. And I am using 1k and 2k ohm resistors. Is the output from the dac non linear? Just a guess

Nope, it should be linear. Power down the circuit, take out all the resistors, and measure them with a DMM just to be sure. Or look at them carefully and make sure they’re brown-black-red (1k) and red-black-red (2k) throughout. Red and orange/violet are sometimes confused, as are black and brown.

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Ok thank you for the quick responses it seems I have a malfunctioning resistor in the circuit.