Help with 2WD kit

So I got this kit assuming I could find instructions, or tutorials of some sort for it.

I'm wrong, I can't find anything. I have a few questions. So I have the motor's connected to the driver it comes with, and the power supply. Here's my trouble, how do I connect my Arduino Uno to it, and how to I program it?

On all the kits I have seen, there were instructions. But, never-the-less, [Arduino] L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver | Billwaa's Blog

That site even gives you the code..

NOTE: The board on that site is not the same as yours. But if you look closely, they both have the same pinouts. BTW, I found this on the first page Google searching "arduino l298."

It's very common with many e-bay sites that they clone other people's products, and don't
provide much tech support or documentation. They rely on the original designers for IP, so
if you look around a while using google search, especially in "images" mode, you'll find the
original products. Welcome to life in the 2010s.

Also, on that robot, it'll probably work better with a 6-cell AA pack [NiMH rechargeable], rather
than 4-cells as shown. You lose 1.5-2V or so in the L298 h-bridge chips, plus 4 cells will not
power your Arduino board very well either. You'll want to check the motor voltage rating, but
they'll likely take 5-6V ok.

So I got it to work, however, if my right motor is plugged in to the driver the right motor stops moving and everything is still. I'm using the code found on the tutorial.

Sorry, I mean't the left wheel. So the left wheel works just great, but when I plug the right motor into the driver, the left one stops moving, and everything is still.