Help with a display - Lcd Screen Capacitive 320*320

Hello clever people…

I have obtained some nice displays at a car boot today… woman selling them had no idea what they were, but apparently her late husband bought them last year.

I found a spec sheet - PDF attached.

They appear to have a ILI9342 driver chip, but I don’t think it is anywhere near as straight forward as that to connect it to an Arduino (if it’s even possible).

Looks like 3.3v supply, but further ‘Googling’ of the pins makes me think this is a MIPI interface???

If that is the case, then I believe this is way beyond the abilities of an Arduino.

Any advice from the masses welcome…

NVS231GH70020H-spec.pdf (1.47 MB)

Hmm. OK, maybe this isn't a MIPI interface.
I am assuming the capacitor pump connections are something to do with the touch screen?