help with a lm43,relay,and dc motor

hello my fellow nerds, I am trying to program a lm34 temperature sensor with an Arduino Uno the materials im using are the follows, relay,lm34,and a DC motor im asking for help because im trying to figure the pins im supposed to use for the code i was provided
//CONFIG =====================================================================================
#define aref_voltage 3.3 // we tie 3.3V to ARef and measure it with a multimeter!

//TMP36 Pin Variables
int tempPin = 0; // TMP36 Center lead to Analog Pin [A1-A7] (Elegoo Nano v.3)
int tempReading; // the analog reading from the sensor

//Relay Pin Variable
int relayPin = 2; // Relay Singnal lead to Digital Pin [D2-D12] (Elegoo Nano v.3)

//Tempurature Range
// Its good to provide a buffer for efficiency, if the temp bounces from 79-81 constantly
// it will turn on and off the fan constantly. So set a minimum temperature that the fan
// can cool the are too before it starts checking for max temperature.

float maxTemperature = 80.00; // The Max Temperature allowed
float minTemperature = 75.00; // The Min Temperature allowed

void setup() {
// We’ll send debugging information via the Serial monitor

// If you want to set the aref to something other than 5v
analogReference(EXTERNAL); // Feed the 3.3v cable back into the AREF pin

// Pin Setup/Register
pinMode(relayPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
float temperature = getTemperature();
if (temperature >= maxTemperature) {
} else if (temperature <= minTemperature) {
delay(1000); // Check tempertature every second


void powerOnRelay() {
digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH);
Serial.println(“Relay On”);

void powerOffRelay() {
digitalWrite(relayPin, LOW);
Serial.println(“Relay Off”);

float getTemperature() {
tempReading = analogRead(tempPin);
float voltage = tempReading * aref_voltage;
voltage /= 1024.0;

// now print out the temperature
float temperatureC = (voltage - 0.5) * 100 ; //converting from 10 mv per degree wit 500 mV offset to degrees ((volatge - 500mV) times 100)
//Serial.print(temperatureC); Serial.println(" degrees C"); // For debuging purpouses

// now convert to Fahrenheight
float temperatureF = (temperatureC * 9.0 / 5.0) + 32.0;
Serial.print(temperatureF); Serial.println(" degrees C");
if somone can help me to figure this out id be very great full thank you

Please post code using code tags.

//TMP36 Pin Variables
int tempPin = 0;        // TMP36 Center lead to Analog Pin [A1-A7] (Elegoo Nano v.3)
int tempReading;        // the analog reading from the sensor

//Relay Pin Variable
int relayPin = 2;       // Relay Singnal lead to Digital Pin [D2-D12] (Elegoo Nano v.3)

you decide which pins to connect it to, and change the values in the declaration accordingly. eh what is a "Singnal lead" ? also post the schematic please, so it can be checked.

LM34 is a Fahrenheit sensor, output is 10 mV per degree F, TMP36 is centigrade, 10 mV per degree C with a 50 degree offset. At 77° F LM34 output is 770 mV, at 25° C TMP36 is 250 + 500 = 750 mV.