Help with a "military grade" GPS system?

Would anyone be interested in helping out with constructing a generic GPL, open source library for UTM/MGRS coordinates for the Arduino series?

There are a myriad of GPS-related libs, but they all handle Lat/long only.
I would want to create a UTM/MGRS_lib for the ones looking for military applications.
(Or just using the UTM/MGRS coordinate system)
I have seen a few questions about this around the web. Both from "preppers" and drone enthusiasts.

I have found python code, java snippets and C/C++ code online.
I have no knowledge in programming but would like to get a group together to enable the community to use the different systems.

Would anyone be interested to help out?


My notes are at work, but I recall the military GPS frequencies are a bit different from the commercial ones. Are you also doing the receivers?