Help with a project idea

im building a motion sensor tardis and i need help setting it up it uses a pir sensor to activate and play a mp3 file can any1 help me

im building a motion sensor tardis

how many dimensions do you need to detect motion in?

What components do you have? Post links to the data sheets or pages about them. Read the "please read" post to find out how to post links correctly on the forum.

do you need to monitor all space-times, or are you more concerned about some specific space-time ?

I would think it much easier to monitor and alarm in one space-time. trying to monitor in multiple space-times brings up the problem of which one do you have the buzzer in?

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Among all the the TARDIS time and space puns.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience? And what hardware you have?

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Your project is possible but we need to know more information.

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I already said all that Tom. And I refrained from making any Dr Who related jokes, which was very restrained of me, I thought.