Help with a Project "ready to pay"

Hi guys this is my 2nd post here im struggling with this project because i suck at programming i think it's not that complicated for people who are familiar with arduino

let me explain my project: being able to program stoppage times and mouvement times of a stepper motor using an oled lcd and an encoder

so basically the user can enter the times of stoppage and movement cycles of a stepper motor with the help of a menu in the oled lcd

so for example the motor wil "move" move: meaning doing steps Cw and CCw for certain amount of time then stop for certain amount of time then move for amount of times etc.... generally 20 cycles at max.

i don't know if a encoder+lcd would be a better idea than an arduino keypad with buttons

PS: i have 1 and a half month left to finish this project im open for advice and help but im also ready to pay for people who are able to dedicate some time for me, thanks

Does each CW/CCW cycle have different distances and pause times?

no the movement :steps cw and ccw are standard once they are set they won’t change the speed won’t change too, the only thing that the user will be able to do is to select for example a movement then enter the time then after that select stoppage then enter time …etc, and at the end lauch so that the cycle begin: for example mouvement for 10 minutes then stopage for 5 mins then movement for 5 mins then
stoppage for 20 min… the max is 20)

i hope i was clear my english is not very good

The choice of encoder vs. buttons in this case sounds more like a UI problem than a coding problem.

A clear and concise description of what you inputs you have, and how exactly you want the system to react to it, is called for here. Without that, there's no way to even start coding.

Where are you located?

-jim lee

North of France

I have a test system that does something like this, but the UI is Windows, not OLED. i.e., you need to connect the Arduino to a PC to set the sequence. I could probably modify it for you if having a Windows PC in the system is acceptable.

PM me if interested.