Help with a Temperature and Pressure measurment system


I am completely new to arduino I was just wondering what is the best board for me to get being a starter? and also my project is to create a temperature and pressure measurement system what sensors will I need to use?

0-50 deg c max (temperature)

and 0-12 bar max (Pressure)

I would like these sensors to be portable to be mounted within a manufacture vessel so a temperature probe and a pressure sensor which can be threaded into a vessel.


DS18B20 for temperature is a good sensor for most projects.

pressure ? air / water?

Please tell more about your project.

i am trying to create a temperature and pressure measuring system so that the temperature of a tank can be displaced on a little LCD likewise for the pressure. this means the two sensors need to be housed in something so they can be threaded into a try clamp for a tank/vessel. like the image on the link below.

i am just wanting simple unit displaying for the pressure and temperature, i may progress this to data logging i.e temperature average over 12 hours

is this possible with a arduino or is it more of a plc and HMI job?

The image you posted looks like it is a boss to be welded onto a tank??

Like has been asked before, does it need to measure air pressure (in a tank), or a liquid?


Hi the ferrule clamps onto the tank and i am wanting to measure air pressure so the sensor must be capable or screwing into the ferrule