Help with a Temperature sketch


I am new to Arduino programming and copied this sketch from some one and trying to adapt with a relay, everything works but as soon as I take the back slashes from the last part I get error at the parenthesis after the delay(1000);.
Using Max6675 lib and TM1637 lib

Can someone point me in the right direction

Many Thanks John

void loop() {
display1.setBrightness (0x0f); //Display 1 void loop setup. Copied from TM1637 Library except for
uint8_t data = { 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0};
display1.setSegments (data);
delay (1);
int temp = (int) thermocouple.readCelsius(); //this line and //got these two lines from Robojax youtube video.
display1.showNumberDec (temp, true, 4, 0); //this line
//if you want to use Celcius, substitute .readFahrenheit with .readCelcius
//Changed display to display1 //and unblock
//Serial.print("C = ");

display2.setBrightness (0x0f); //Display 2 void loop setup. Copied from above and changed
uint8_t data2 = { 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0}; //changed data to data2
display2.setSegments (data); //display1 to display2
delay (1);
int temp2 = (int) thermocouple2.readCelsius(); //changed temp to temp2
display2.showNumberDec (temp2, true, 4, 0); //changed temp to temp2

// if temprature goes above 30.0C, turn the relay ON
// if(thermocouple.readCelsius() > 30.00){
// digitalWrite(10, HIGH);// set pin 10 HIGH
// }else{
// digitalWrite(10, LOW);// set pin 10 LOW

// if temprature goes above 30.0C, turn the relay ON
// if(thermocouple2.readCelsius() > 30.00){
// digitalWrite(11, HIGH); // set pin 10 HIGH
// }else{
// digitalWrite(11, LOW); // set pin 10 LOW


If you delete the commented out code, you'd see the problem.

If you put every { on a line BY ITSELF, and put every } on a line BY ITSELF, you would not have painted yourself into this corner.