Help with a Turn Signal Circuit

Hi I’m brand new to working with Arduino components and only have 1 high school class worth of digital electronics experience. I would like to build the following circuit using an arduino board instead of the ATTiny controller used in the attached example. The idea is to control a set of LEDs on some automotive trailer mirrors to act as running lights and turn signals. An example of what I am trying to accomplish can be seen here: and here
DQS mirror led controller

Any assistance that anyone can offer would be excellent!

Before you get too carried away with the actual project, learn the basics of Arduino and electronics.

Read up on programming, basic electronics and how to connect inputs and outputs to the Arduino.

Do some basic programming of inputs (reading switches) and outputs (LEDs).

You need to do your own learning before we get involved with absolute basics.

There is a huge amount of help for beginners on this site as well as on the web.



I get most of the basics. I have an understanding of logic gates, resistors ,transistors, ohms law etc. Programming isn't an issue either as I have a degree in computer science - software engineering. I just don't have much experience with the various arduino boards. I'm thinking an arduino mini would probably for the bill here but I'm just looking for some help to streamline the circuit design for arduino in a 12v environment.

Thanks Hovey

I suggest an Arduino Nano. I consider it an inexpensive, easy way to shrink and embed the Uno into a project only using 0.70" x 1.70" space. It also has the advantage of on board USB. Be aware that with either the Micro or the Nano, Atmega168 and Atmega328 versions are out there. - Scotty