help with adding steps

Hello everyone I am new to Arduino and I need help with a project I am doing. For those of you that may remember super 8mm film reals I have made a device that uses the Arduino, drv8825, nema17, and the gowoops 4 axis cnc control v3 shiled. I have learned the basics of a full step as you will see in the code below. What I want it to do is move a full step and then add visibly a inch worth after every completed step. This would allow for the extra real being added onto the motor after each step. At least that’s my thinking currently. If anyone could help me with the availability of adding after each step or if they have another way of doing it and could show/explain it that would be extremely helpful. Here is my code.

sketch_apr20aCODEtest4.ino (1.25 KB)

I don't actually understand what you're asking, but reading between the lines, I assume that as the film moves from reel to reel, you need to vary the speed as the amount of film accumulated changes the effective radius of the collecting wheel?

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