Help with Aduino UNO + Wii nunchuck + Servo Motors

Hello, everyone.

I am new to the whole Arduino scene. However due to some college project, I have to take up the versatile and wonderful, yet confusing world that is the Arduino. Thus, I decided to ask for everyone's help. The end project that I must complete Before December is to read the angle at which a Wii nunchuck is held at and then have the Arduino send a signal to a servo motor to move it to the read angle. I don't know if this is a fairly simple project or if it is outlandishly difficult. I know that from all the research I've done, it's proving to be very tricky. The main reason being that I can't even get it going.

I decided that before I tackle the big fish, I wanted to the Arduino to be able to read the values from a Wii nunchuck and read it from the serial monitor. Thus I got the code from (everyone seems to be deferring me to that site...) and I ran the WiichuckDemo.pde, but all I got for the values were 0 for the accelerometers and 1 for the buttons whether or not I pressed them. Additionally, the program sometimes doesn't even start sometimes. I think that the problem is that I'm using an Arduino UNO and Tod, and pretty much the rest of the internet, uses a Duemilanova. People say that the difference isn't that great, but apparently it's enough to case this code to malfunction. Thus I was hoping that some kind-hearted person would walk me through this mess and perhaps even guide me to my ultimate goal of controlling the servo motors with the nunchucks.

Please and thank you!

The first question that you'll need to answer is whether you are using a real Wii nunchuck or a cheap Chinese knockoff.

We are using a real nunchuck alright. :slight_smile:

I don't know about todbot, but I used the code from this webpage, and it worked the first time,

One thing to remember is the Nunchuck is a 3.3V device only, and you don't want to power it off 5V.