Help with alarm project

so I decided to build a security system using Arduino, but I have a problem:

int alarmled = 53;                
//int armedled = 50;                
int disarmedled = 52;                
int pinBuzzer = 3;           
int keyboard = 8;                
int sensor1 = 9;               // obyvak
int sensor2 = 10;               // predsin
int sensor3 = 11;               // schodiste
int sensor4 = 12;               // loznice
int alarm = LOW;             // poplach
int armed = LOW;            // zapnuto / vypnuto
int val1 = 0;                   
int val2 = 0;                   
int val3 = 0;                   
int val4 = 0;
int keyb = 0;

void setup() {
  pinMode(alarmled, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(disarmedled, OUTPUT);      
  pinMode(keyboard, INPUT); 
  pinMode(sensor1, INPUT);  
  pinMode(sensor2, INPUT);  
  pinMode(sensor3, INPUT);  
  pinMode(sensor4, INPUT);  
  pinMode(pinBuzzer, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  val1 = digitalRead(sensor1);   
  val2 = digitalRead(sensor2);   
  val3 = digitalRead(sensor3);   
  val4 = digitalRead(sensor4);   
  keyb = digitalRead(keyboard);

This is what I can do, every other line of code is impossible for me :cry: . I would like to have 3 states, disarmed, armed, alarm. And when a sensor is activated I want to print his name.. Could you help me write the code?

In fact, I can help. What you must do is put this project aside and build up some experience with some simpler projects. An easy way to start is to look at the example sketches that come with the IDE. Run them, read them, and try modifying them to do things differently. As you do this, consult the documentation that came with the IDE, available from the “help” tab. Gradually your knowledge will increase and you will soon find this project easy to complete.