Help with an IR remote

Hey everyone !

New newb here, intrested in learning the ways of the all mighty Arduino.

So I have this remote from ebay :

Got a relay too :

With the relay, its rather simple, even made my 1st working project yesterday, using parts of the blink sketch, made a 12v led strip blink. Had that "feeling" you know.

Then I decided to get my hands on the IRremote, and make the led stip blink with a push of a button, but I was in for a big surprise, that stuff is not so easy for a newb. I just need some pointers on where to look, or some working sample code that I can use to figure out how do I read, or send signals, and make them do stuff. Im stuck at this point, couple of hours searching and reading didnt do anything to improve the situation. Therese just too much questions. In the remote link I gave, theres a data download button, but the library is named hence its in chinese, I did manage to fing it in English from other lots, but still, when I imported the library, and tryed to use some sample code, it gives me a whole lot of errors, which I have no idea about. So now Im here, hoping to get some help, and get me moving with this whole thing, after all, have big plans, want to use voice commands all over my room, to controll it, using relays for socets, lights, and etc. And Im so, so far away :)

Any help is apreceated, Thank You.

This article might be helpful: