Help with Arduino code

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Time vs Money, so hard to have both at the same time.

The thing is If you're willing to invest [u]your time[/u], we will invest a little of ours to help you learn how to do it free of charge.

But if you want us to spend [u]our time[/u] to do [u]your project[/u]. You will need to offer compensation as our time and skill is also valuable.

That's not allowed in this section of the forum. Gigs and Collaborations is the place to do that. This section is for those who wish to learn.

You love your Arduino but have never written a line of code?

The below should get you started; your loop() will be 4 lines of code; setup() probably as well. And probably a few lines to define the pins (before setup()).

pinMode digitalRead digitalWrite if

Thanks! I have written a little and modified several of the basic samples of code, it has been many months though I just wanted to get this thing up and running quickly as I have one large job on this laser running now. Unless I sit in front of it, it finishes and just sits idle with the exhaust system sucking out all the air conditioning in the building. With this big sonalert I will hear it from two rooms away or employees will be forced to restart the machine or find me.