Help with Arduino coding

So, we purchased the sabertooth motor controller and two of the remote/ receivers from maker motor. We installed the sabertooth on a stripped down jazzy wheelchair. Basically it is now just two motors, wheels, frame and batteries. It works great!

So the next step for us on this project is to have the ability to remotely control it as it is currently, but with two (2) receivers and thus two transmitters or remotes.

The idea is that we don’t need the ability to control it at the same time, but to “pass” control between two remote operators when the machine goes out of line of site. So, for example I would control the unit with my remote and go to point B where my dad would be able to take over with his controller to get it the rest of the way to point C. In this example I can’t see or navigate to point C because it is out of my line of site.

So we actually Hooked up two of these receivers to the sabertooth directly to test this but because of the nature of the pulse in how these receivers work, it just confuses the sabertooth and thus the machine moves erratically without any input from either of us.

So, now we have after reaching out to several people come to think that through a micro controller (arduino) installed between the sabertooth and our receivers it could act like a filter to listen and ignore the signal so that we can have two RC inputs from two different people at two different locations able to “pass” control verbally to one another.

I do not want to learn how to program arduino right now so I figured I would see if someone wanted help with the programming side of things if possible. Perhaps there is other ways besides arduino, but that does not matter to us.

Hopefully that makes you get the idea. Here are the things we used from maker motors site for reference.

We have two of these transmitters that come with a receiver.

And this is the 2x32 sabertooth we are using to control the motors.