Help with Arduino Cofee roaster

So I was following this project for a school work, getting all materials and stuff
Until I bumped with the fact that the code does not compile to the Arduino Uno
THe Author said it must be because the code is a bit old and I must remake it, yet I dont know exactly how
Can someone help me to check it?

Here is the page from where I got it:

And the code is attached


Coffee_Roaster_v1_0.pde (11.2 KB)

The compiler can’t find the PID_Beta6.h file. Did you install the PID_Beta6 library?

I don´t think so, How can I do it?

Please Help

It looks like you can get the PID_Beta6 files here. To do a manual install of the library, make a folder in your sketchbook libraries folder (...\Documents\Arduino\libraries) named PID_Beta6. Copy the files from the linked site into the new folder.

See here for more information on installing libraries.

I´ll try Thanks

Guys, the library still doesn´twork. I used the PID Beta 6 library, but it gives me an error. Can I use another one instead of that one, such as PID controller? Please respond

The attached compiles with the PID library that can be installed through the library manager. In the filter box in library manager enter “pid” and scroll down to the library caled “PID by Brett Beauregard Version 1.2.0.” Install that library.

The code is untested because I don’t have the hardware, but it does compile.

forum_roaster.ino (11.3 KB)

Thank you very much Mr Ground Fungus You just saved my project