Help with arduino flash memory

Hi, I would like to know if the notes in the Arduino IDE are written to the flash memory in Arduino. Simply, I'm creating a program that will probably be quite large, and despite the fact that I buy an arduino with more memory than a classic uno.

And sorry for wrong category I don't know where it belongs

What do you mean by "notes"?

// I think this

No. The compiler ignores //Notes when compiling the code. Feel free to add as many Notes as you want!

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Those are called "comments"

Yeah. But chances are he doesn't know and will get confused. I feel like he probably used google translate :wink:

Now are waiting for the code.

'notes' like for playing music? Yes, you can put those in FLASH. See: PROGMEM - Arduino Reference

yes, i realy dont speak english well - thiw was not by google translate :smiley:
and i wasnt checked it :smiley: before post


Can you reveal the name of the arduino board or it's a "deadly sins"?


My English sucks too, but if you don't post the code, we can't help you.
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