Help with arduino-Hyperterminal

Hello guys.
I have here this code:

// Buffer to store incoming commands from serial port
String inData;

void setup() {
    Serial.println("Serial conection started, waiting for instructions...\n\n");

void loop() {
    while (Serial.available() > 0)
        char recieved =;
        inData += recieved; 

        // Process message when new line character is recieved
        if (recieved == '\n')
            Serial.print("\nArduino Received: \n");

            // You can put some if and else here to process the message juste like that:

            if(inData == "+++\n"){ // DON'T forget to add "\n" at the end of the string.
              Serial.println("OK. Press h for help.");

            inData = ""; // Clear recieved buffer

This works only in Arduino Serial Monitor (COM3) with settings: "NEW LINE".

But when I try it on HyperTerminal, it doesn't work. IT just prints serial ... started bla bla lba...
It doesn't have the option: "NEW LINE". :frowning: What should I do?
If I can only use Arduino Serial Monitor with Com7 (bluetooth), Id use it forever.

PS: if you know an open source program for this, let me know. (made in java or vb).

This will work with Hyperterminal

if ((recieved == '\n') || (recieved == '\r') )

There are lots of other terminal programs, f.ex Putty