Help with Arduino Mega 2560


I recently came into possession of a Arduino mega2560. I am interested in building a quadcopter and before I start buying parts I wanted to know if I could use it to build a quad copter? I have basic understanding of electronics but that is the reason for doing this project. I know it may be difficult but I will work at it till I do it. I don't know exactly what parts I need although I know some from research such as (brush less motors, ESC, rf transmitter..ect) What I don't know or what is confusing is that there are many different parts that only work with some parts and I just wanted to know how to figure out which ones would work with an Arduino mega2560? I have a motor shield from radio shack by seed studio but I'm not sure if this will work. I tried to find a guide for the arduino mega2560 but it's mostly videos of people just showing off their end product. If I can get a parts list, I can read about what each part does and make an attempt at assembley. Any help would be appreciated.

When you're ready to make solid connections, I offer this screw shield.

That's a cool board. I'm not sure what I'm making solid connections too though. That's my main problem, what works with the mega 2560. I have the seed studio motor shield, wont that work?

Could be - I havent seen that screw shield.

right o' so, what can I use your screw shield for? Can I connect an rf module or power distribution board to it? I'm assuming brush less motors can be connected. Sorry don't know much yet, or how it's all suppose to work. I also read there was another component you needed to make it balance itself?

You can use to connect all the I/O control signals you want to. IO signals from the Atmega2560 only support 20mA. Balancing - we're working thru a quad copter from Hobbyking. The props need balancing. The motors/prop combination needs balancing. I'm sure the combination of hardware mounted on the frame will need balancing. And then the control signals for the Electronic Speed Controls that actually power the motors will need balancing/trimming.