help with arduino mini pro

hello, I set the pin 13 as an input and connected 13Volts to it. The problem is that after doing this the arduino stopped working well. I would like to know if the arduino is dead or just the pin 13.


I guess you mean en Pro Mini?

But disconnect that voltage, that's way to high! You can indeed have damaged the whole Arduino. To test it, just connect it to the serial converter (and nothing else) and try to program anything (like blink). If it uploads successful change is the Arduino is okay.

Pin13 may even be okay if that works but the LED on pin 13 may be dead.

Btw, pin 13 is like the hardest pin to use as an input. That's because of the LED connected to pin 13.

thanks, I will try it

If the 328P chip is warm/hot to the touch, then it's dead, or will soon be. Usually 12V on an IO pin kills the chip tho.