Help with Arduino Radio with TEA5767 and LM386

Hi There,

I am in the process of building a radio using an Arduino Uno and a TEA5767 fm receiver.

I am just designing the PCB and have just made some changes and wondered if anyone could give me some guidance on if it looks right or not.

Basically I want to use an fm antenna with a 3.5mm jack on the end like the one attached and was wondering if how I have wired up J1 in the schematic looks OK. I’ve never done a project before that requires a 3.5mm jack socket on a PCB before. A picture of the jack socket I would like to use in my project is attached.

Also does the layout for the amplifier (the LM386) look OK. I’ve already got a PCB made with a different layout on it but think it may be missing some components as all I get out of it on the speaker is a kind of screeching noise not anything distinguishable. The layout shown in the attachment is the new one which I have changed to.

I am using an Atmega328p-AU chip as the microcontroller. I have written the code and the code is working but not sure about the sound output.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,





if you have 'screeching' problems with one design, do it on breadboard first to make sure the design is right.

I did it on breadboard first and it worked properly as expected.