Help with Arduino RC Car Data Transfer Project

Hi, total Arduino novice here.

I am working on a project where I have to read in real time accelerometer and gyroscope data from an RC car to a GUI on my computer in a format where I can view and manipulate the data after the RC car trial run is over, (ex. calculate average speed over a given time or determine the max tilt).

So far I have an Arduino Nano that is connected to a 9v battery, the MPU6050 I2C accel/gyro sensor, and an RF transmitter. These are the parts that will attach to the car. Furthermore, I have an Arduino uno connected to my computer and an RF receiver. I have no idea how to transfer both types of data from the RC car transmitter to the receiver connected to the UNO and read it into some sort of CSV file for later manipulation.

Can anyone provide some code examples, advice, or useful resources that would help me complete this project? I have never programmed with Arduino before, so the simpler the better.

Thanks in advance