Help with Arduino Uno and e-paper shield


I'm a beginner on this platform. I'm able to build some basic stuff and send it to the Arduino board. I'm using Arduino 1.8.8.

I searched here and many other places for a "basic" sample\example on how to display an image on the eInk display using Arduino. The samples I found, even from the WaveShare is not working for me.

I would like to get some help, if possible, to see if I can make it work.

I have a 2.9 inches display from eInk. It is black and white only.
The display is connected to a Waveshare e-paper shield, that it is connected on top of the Arduino Uno.

Do you have any points to any sample code that will work properly on this setup?

Thank you in advance.

Hi mvago,

Please post a link to your display (clickable, click symbol in the middle above). Or at least a photo.

This to let me guess if it is a panel from Good Display (also sold by Waveshare).

If the panel is not from Good Display, then most likely it will not work with this shield.

If it is, it may be a panel that is not yet supported by the Waveshare library and demo code.

Please post also a link to the shield, as it might be interesting for other readers.

Did you see this post?


Thank you for the info, I'm looking at that thread.

The e-paper shield is the one on this link: Waveshare e-paper shield

The eInk display that I have is this one: eInk display

You would need to compare the specs, especially the connector pins and their meaning, and voltages, etc.

I don't expect they are compatible, but who knows. They certainly aren't.

E-ink is the originator and producer of the panels for the well known E-Paper readers with the panels known as Carta.

But these e-paper panels are in a different price category than the ones from Good Display.
And information about these panels seems hard to find.

So I also see no chance to use panels from old Tolinos or Kindles to use with Arduino.