Help with Arduino Uno as UART-USB converter

Hi everyone! I'm looking some help..

Recently I bought an Arduino Uno and for now, I need to use it as a UART-USB converter (just like the circuits with FT232R, creating a virtual serial port).

I try to use Serial Monitor connecting Tx and Rx of the Uno to the Rx and Tx of the other device, but when I send some ASCII caracters from my computer, they seem to go to the Uno and I want to send them to the device.

Can I use the Serial Monitor? Do I need to use another software, like goSerial or ZTerm? (I have a macbook) Do I need to remove the Uno's atmega?

I appreciate any help!! Thanks!

Greeting from Chile!

Do you have a jumper connecting RESET to GND?

You can use the Serial Monitor.

You need to remove the Uno's atmega. Or connect Reset header pin to Gnd.

Used that way you must wire pin 0 to pin 0 and pin 1 to pin 1 between the two arduino boards, or if wiring to an external serial device, pin 0 goes to the devices rec input pin and pin 1 wires to the external devices tx output pin. Also you need to be sure to add a wire between the two arduino boards. And as CR said either remove the AVR chip or add a wire from ground to reset pin on the arduino being used as the USB bridge.


It works!! xD

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

I'll sleep well today..

Greeting from Chile!!

Another way of using Arduino to bypass UART.

I don't see how this is any different from loading a blank sketch (nothing in setup or loop) in the Uno. Which is the common way of silencing the MCU. The USB chip will pull the TX/TR pins up to 5volt, either way. Depends on the device you're connecting to the pins if this will be a problem or not. Leo..