help with Arduino Uno project

not sure if I am in the right category but this is my question I am trying to find a way to connect an Arduino will know to control an LED board LEDs seem to be controlled by two of these chips UCN5833A not sure if there is any way to make this work thanks for any advice new to the whole projects

You should be able to make it work. Those chips are 32-bit serial input latched drivers.

Do you have a link to the boards and their documentation?
Are the two UCN5883A chips connected together serially, (daisy-chained)?
What are the board connections? ie clock, data, strobe, output enable. Are there just one of each, plus power connections?

Anyway, in lieu of more information, I’ve attached the chip datasheet below.

A5833-Datasheet.pdf (318 KB)

managed to get some control with this code
void setup()
pinMode (4,OUTPUT); //Clock Pin
pinMode (5,OUTPUT); //data Pin


int data = 0;

void loop()
if (data >= 150)
data = 0;
delay (100);
was wondering if there is any way to control the LEDs to create a pattern from what I can tell it is all positive out both chips are daisy chained together included video link first overwrite Arduino project finally working - YouTube