Help with Arduino Uno WiFi Development Board

I've been using a standard Uno for a while, and all seems ok. I now want to extend my projects to the Internet and have bought an Arduino Uno WiFi Development Board. However, I can find no information to assist in getting it working. Specifically, it is not listed in the IDE. I have updated the IDE to the most recent version and also the list of supported boards, but it is not shown. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks. Mike.


Thanks. The board is an A000133 Arduino UNO WiFi Development Board, purchased from Radio Spares. My problem is that it is not featured on the list of boards in the Arduino IDE.


There's a good chance you could use it as an Arduino/Genuino Uno. There was another user trying to get it working with the drivers and IDE with no luck. I suggested they install the IDE to get the drivers installed and then try using it with the IDE again. They said that worked but I'm not sure if they went back to the IDE again.

Many thanks, Spycatcher2k and Pert, for your help. I will certainly try that suggestion, and let you know how I get on.

Kind regards Mike

Many thanks indeed, Pert. That worked perfectly. I am most indebted to you! :)

I hadn't realised there were two separate Arduino web sites. I will be using .org from now on.

Thanks again,