Help with arrangeable LED project

Hi all,

I have just started to get into the arrangeable LED strands and instantly have run into a problem. My goal is to have ten 1 meter strands of programmable LED’s inside of ten separate bottles. Below I have attached a picture which better demonstrates what I am hoping to build. I could be wrong with the diagram and that’s where I seek help. I have some experience with electrical work, but none with designing the electrical diagrams to finish the desired outcome. The bottles will be about 10-15 cm apart from each other, but that shouldn’t be an issue. My main question is, what power source would I need for this if I decide to go with the WS2811 strands with 30 led per meter and how do I connect the strands to each other? Additionally, is the Arduino and the power source the only items I need for this?

I have searched the internet for a few days now and had little success in finding any instructions for building this project. I appreciate any help given!


Led Strands.jpg


Hi. No, that’s not right. The data line from the Arduino should go to the start of the strip in bottle 1. Then another wire should go from the end of the strip in bottle 1 to the start of the strip in bottle 2. Another wire from the end of the strip in bottle 2 to the start of the strip in bottle 3 and so on. The power wires (5V & GND) should go to each strip and the Arduino (5V and 0V pins) in parallel.

Unless… you want the patterns & colours to be identical in each bottle. In which case you would wire the data lines like in your diagram. But that would not be as good. You can make some interesting animations if you can control each bottle’s leds independently.

By the way, in case you did not work this out yet, you are going to need an 20A 5V PSU.

How many LEDs do you really need per bottle? What exactly is your goal? Because 300 fairly powerful RGB LEDs (basically 900 LEDs, then) all within the space of a meterstick is overkill on many many levels.

How much control do you want? Individual bottles, individual colors, brightness? Are you expecting this to light up a big big room? Because that's where it stands right now.