help with array

hello i new at this so bear with me
i have a menu which i had help with writting it.
i have an array array[4]
array ;
i=0; i>3; i++;
trayed a for loop
i am trying to build a remote control for my ho trains
can someone help with inputtin data from keypad and print to lcd’
i will attached my code i know it is a mess.
i need help cleaning it up i know i must be brain dead
cant’t be this hard to do thanks tom
test_5.ino (3.86 KB)

It's not so hard to do when you know what you're doing but it is time-consuming and can be tedious.

OTOH you can be given answers but without you knowing the basics they won't help at all.

Your choices are get someone else to do it for you or learn to code simple things before complex. You need to start at the start. What you have shows that you've skipped more than you haven't.