Help with art project - total novice!

I am in the middle of making an installation for my fine art degree show and am in need of some help!

I am a total beginner in mechanics/electronics but need to connect four vibration motors to a motion sensor, so that when the door to my installation is opened the vibration motors turn on, and then turn off again when it’s shut.

I have seen contact motion sensors that seem to be what i’m looking for but they make a noise or trigger a light and i’m not sure how I would connect them to my motors.

Any help would be much appreciated!

There are various switches used in alarm systems to detect when a door is opened. If you can find one of those that will close switch contacts when door is opened you can just use that switch to control power to the vibration motors.


Thanks for that. Is there any way you could talk me through how to do that/what to look for, I've never done anything like this before!

Can you please explain some more about your vibration motors. How do you run them now, without a door switch?

As @johnwasser suggests you will not need any Arduino or programming for your project, unless you want to do something other than on/off when the door is open or closed.

Variations of this type of switch are often used to detect door, drawer and window openings.