Help with assembling a CNC Shield v3 and other electronics

I'm still waiting on some parts I order for making my CNC, but despite being good with the mechanical parts my electronics knowledge is very limited so I'm looking for some advice.

These are the components I got so far, but I'm not really sure what else I would need (like what kind of drivers for the motors etc.)

All your help is very appreciated!

The motor shield that you linked comes with A4988 stepper drivers. Unfortunately those drivers are not suitable for the motors (3A per phase) linked. Drivers like the TB6600 may be a better choice. Were you planning to use Grbl firmware on your machine?

I thought that might be the problem because of the amperage, but wasn't sure what to get instead. I will get those drivers then, guessing I don't need the shield anymore then.
Is there anything else I would need?
Yes, I was planning on using Grbl since I currently use it on my diode laser engraver and am at least a bit familiar with it. Is there a problem with that?

No, no problem at all using Grbl. You could connect the motor drivers , limit switches, etc right to the Uno, following the pin assignments from Grbl, but the shield might be more convenient. Make sure that you properly set the coil current on the drivers before use.

That's great!
Well, I think that's all I need for now unless there's something else I missing besides the component I have already.
Hopefully I'll be able to the rest on my own. Thank you for the help!