Help with Atmel Studio 6.1


I want to use the atmel studio for programming of my arduino board since it offers a better IDE and intellisense. However I find it quite frustrating to use the program. Especially in regard to adding external code. (I use the addon visual micro.)

For example: I like to use a temperature sensor from Adafruit. I can get it to work if I copy ALL files to my project folder and and include them in my project. However this is not very nice since I will end up with several copies of code for my different projects. What I would like to do is to use the feature "add as link" but I cannot get it to work. If I add files as link the intellisense finds it BUT not the compiler. I've tried to add the folder with the code in my include path too, but it did not work.


I found the issue :). The path to my user library had been changed. If you have to same problem have a look at: