Help with BME280 Sensor choice and Wheather Code From RhoDuino

I have the code from RhoDuino that reads weather and Air Density. The code uses a DHT11 temerature and Humidity Sensor and BMP085 then changed to BMP185. I want to do away with both and use the BME280. Two things I would like help on is what is the best BME280 Sensor Board to use since some are 3.3v and some 5v with and without level shifters etc. I also need help with changing the code to the BME280. For some reason it looks to me that the code was reading the temp and humidity from the DHT11 and at least temp from the BMP085/185.

I done away with the lcd prints and just using serial print for the monitor.

I have included the code and original RhoDuino PDF:
The code that was related to the DHT11 I have commented out, since I no longer wanted to use it.

Could not put the code in the message was to large but it is attached.

Rho-Duino 2.pdf (369 KB)

RhoDuino.ino (11.3 KB)

Please mention your set up clearly about which one of the following:

1. UNO + DHTII + BM085
2. DUE + DHT11 + BME280

and the like.

I have a working program on: UNO/DUE + 3.3V BMP85/BMP180 (Temperature, Pressure, Altitude)

I have a working program(RhoDuino) on Aduino Uno DHT11 & 3.3v BMP180.

I want to do away with the DHT11 and BMP180 and use a BME280.