Help with Board Selection: 2 Analog inputs-Arduino Due - 1 Analog output

Hello. I am new to Arduino. My apologies if this question is not posted as/where it should be, and thanks in advance for looking into this.

I need help picking up the boards for a project. I want to use an Arduino Due because it is the fastest.
I want to read two analog inputs, do some math, and generate an analog output.

The first analog input is a 0-700 mV signal that comes from a photodetector.
The second input is a 0-5 mV square wave, and it looks like it should be attenuated to a 0 to 3.5 V signal.

The output should be amplified to a 0 to 10 V signal, that will be fed to a TREK2010 high voltage amplifier.

I would like also like to get a quote for the three boards (input and output shields, and Arduino due), and any additional holders and accessories that may be necessary.