Help with boards

Hey everyone.

I'm completely new to building circuits one of my friends told me to get this kind of board with this style on it but I don't know what its called, it has the same design on both sides, any help would be great please!

By tege88 at 2011-03-06

It is called prototype board.
There is great variety of this stuff in electronic shops or in internet.

okay thanks, do you know if this design on it has a specific name?

Nope, boards are different in different countries.
You must visit store or look in internet for fitting pattern.

Sometimes it is called Vector board named after one of the
companies that manufacturers it.

I have some hints for using a similar board at

(* jcl *)

thanks guys!

Futurlec has this kind of board and others.

I prefer “island of hole” style, each hole is its own pad.
Others prefer having 2-3 pads connected, good if only need to connect 2 parts to each other, such as the leg of an LED to a resistor.

Where are you located?

Velleman also makes very nice boards, high quality, good 1.0 oz copper that won’t lift up. flux coated bare copper holes.
ECS1/2 is a good size, 100 x 80mm.
ECS1-H is a good size if need bigger, 100 x 160mm
Has a track down the 2 long edges also, and layed for a 31-pin connector on one end.
I’ve managed to get everything I’ve needed on the 100 x 80, and used a 100 x 160 cut in half the short way when I ran out of the small one.

Here’s an atmeg328 with arduino type parts, couple of shift registers, line drive, LED display, and MOSFET audio to drive Tone output into a speaker on a 100 x 80 board with 1/8" holes for mounting wiht #4-40 hardware.