Help with buzzer

I need some help figuring out why my buzzer will not produce any sounds. It says that I don’t have any errors and I’m a little confused, any advice will help! I’ve attached the coding and a picture of the setup.

christmas.ino (7.32 KB)

How is it wired... schematic please, or a very detailed explanation of the buzzer wiring to the arduino.
Most ‘buzzers’ can’t be driven from an arduino (due to the inductive nature of the load), but some self-contained ‘beepers / sounders’ will be ok.
Along with your diagram, post a link to your ‘buzzer’.

You haven’t included any picture like you said either…

There are two main types of buzzer, active and passive. One makes a sound when you just apply a voltage to it. The other needs to be driven with a pulsed signal. Which sort do you have? A link to where you got it from would help (NOTE - a picture probably won't help because they can look similar).