Help with C++ interfacing

I'm very new to programing in C ++ and C#. However I would like to use either programing language to communicate with my arduino. Right now I have a simple sketch uploaded onto my arduino board that turns on a LED when the user types 'H' in the serial monitor window.

Now I would like to interface this code with C++. Can anyone please tell me the best way to do this? Or if anyone has some sample C++ code that they can send me to get me started, that would be great too. Any help on getting me started would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Bella



Well, who can argue with that? :D

Near the bottom. I try to give a sample and have my students come up with applications.

The C++ is devcpp


Peter Anderson

If you are looking for a simple example, try

You can run the send examples without any hardware. It just sets a pin high. It doesn't matter that nothing is connected to the pin.

The first couple of paragraphs of his blog contain the link to the library and explain how to install it. It looks real simple.