Help with car simulator buttons and WiFi

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is safe and sound. I have a project that I need to work on. I am working on a car simulator and my task is to connect the 4 buttons on the steering wheel to the Arduino and produce a wifi signal when these buttons are pressed. I have an ELEGOO UNO R3 board and seeedstudio wifi shield V2. Please help me in this project that what should be my approach as I am a beginner. Thanks a lot.

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Okay thanks for letting me know. Can you please help me tho in this project

I am working on a car simulator and one of the tasks is that I have to connect the four buttons on the Arduino Uno and send a wifi signal through the seeedstudio wifi shield v2.0 every time a button is pressed. Can you please give me some guidance as I have no idea at all. It would be a huge help. thanks a lot

Okay thanks for letting me know. Can you please help me tho in this project

Before anyone can help you, you need to tell us how far you have gotten in the project and what you have to work with, in detail?




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If you want to know when a button is pressed, look at the State Change Detection example in the IDE (File->Examples-02.Digital->StateChangeDetection). This will show you how to do it for one button. Repeat 3 more times.

Sending a signal through a wifi signal really depends on where you are sending it. To a website? Another Arduino? I'm sure the wifi shield has a library with many examples that you can try out. Once you figure that out, incorporate your button change code.

For detect the pressing event from multiple buttons, see this: For beginners: The simple way to program for multiple buttons [code example] - Introductory Tutorials - Arduino Forum


"send a wifi signal"

To, where? It makes a difference.

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