Help with CC3000 WebClient Sketch

I'm using an Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Shield with an Arduino Mega.

I want to perform GET and POST requests on an API.

I'm using the WebClient sketch that's built into the CC3000 library from Adafruit.

Can someone tell me how I would format an API link for the #define WEBSITE and #define WEBPAGE fields?

The link is:

Here is a link to the WebClient sketch: WebClient | Adafruit CC3000 WiFi | Adafruit Learning System


This would normally be how I would set it up, but this domain wants you to use localhost:9000/api. I do not believe you have the api on the CC3000.

#define WEBSITE      ""
#define WEBPAGE      "/"

// then later in setup, change this call from 80 to 9000
Adafruit_CC3000_Client www = cc3000.connectTCP(ip, 9000);

If I try that with a web browser, I get this:
Hello! The API is at http://localhost:9000/api

That works. Thanks!