Help with circuit connections.

Hi everyone,

My project involves 4 servo motors, 4 dc motors and 2 motor drivers to control them, 3 HC-SR04 sensors and 1 MPU-6050 board. Not all of them will be running at the same time. At most, 4 servos will run simultaneously with very little load and for the motors, will only run one at a time.

I was wondering if it is possible to connect my circuit in the following way in the picture attached. Breadboard and jumper wires will be used to connect the parts together. Or strip board.


  • Servo Motor: 4-6V, 140mA No load current

  • DC Motor: 3-12V, 70-130mA No load current

  • HC-SR04: 5V, 15mA working current

  • MPU-6050: 5V, (less than 40mA?)

Powering the circuit:

  • will be the usb connection from pc powering the arduino mega

  • 12V 2A switching PSU for the motor drivers

  • 5V 2A switching PSU for the servo motors and Sensors

  • MPU6050 will be powered by the 5V pin from the arduino

My concerns:

  • I’ve not connected ground properly and it might mess up the sensors?

Thanks in advance.

4 small servos need at least 4A supply for reliable operation. Don’t share motor and servo supplies with sensors,
sensors need a clean reliable supply voltage. Find the stall current ratings for your servos and motors if you can,
that’s the only thing that matters for sizing the supply.

Thanks for responding. So apart from separating the sensor’s PSU, and finding the appropriate PSU for the servos and motors, there’s nothing wrong with how everything is connected? (attached a pic of fixed circuit diagram)

I would suggest you go to single point grounding at one of the power supplies preferably the biggest one. Your motor ground is going through your Arduino, that will carry noise through the board.