Help with CNC Sewing Machine Programming


Looking for a freelancer to help me with coding my XY table for a CNC sewing machine. Had some interest of people starting the project and then suddenly stopping.

Please PM me if you are interested.


Looking for a freelancer to help me with coding my XY table for a CNC sewing machine.

What is generating the data for the CNC machine? Is it outputting data in an open source format? Or, is the existing application outputting data in a proprietary format that requires a specific controller to interpret?

Besides X and Y positioning, what else do you need to (and can you) control? Stitch length? Sewing machine speed?

Or, is sewing machine speed supposed to be a function of speed in the X direction and in the Y direction? The long arm quilting hardware/software my wife wants bases the sewing machine speed on the carriage speed(s).

Actually I was originally going to make it into a CNC type machine where I can input GCode and have the sewing machine produce the pattern. However, I think that's a little bit of overkill for what I need. All I need is the pattern hard coded. The pattern is basically a square with an X in it.

I had someone start the coding project and then they disappeared. What we did figure out to make it work was we needed to sync the speed of the movement of the table with the speed of the needle. Knowing that the stitch length would always be a constant, the movement of the table would need to speed up if the needle speed increased and vice versa. I have a hall sensor mounted on the machine and can set it to detect as the needle is just leaving the fabric. The thought was once the needle was detected outside of the fabric, then the fabric could be moved to create the stitch. Obviously if the needle is in the fabric and the table moves, the needle will break.

The speed of the machine is controlled by a digital potentiometer and I already have it hardwired into the machine.

so far I have the following components coded (which could be the foundation for the final code)

  1. Commands implemented for movement of the XY carriage in both absolute and relative
  2. Needle speed diagnostic that slowly increases the speed of the needle via the potentiometer and reads the speed via the hall sensor

What still needs to be done:

  1. Coding for the limit switches
  2. Hardcoding the pattern
  3. Synchronizing movement of the table with the needle speed