Help with CNC Shield V3

I’m trying to get my setup running using the latest ino that @MacboyCanada posted on this other thread ( )

I’m using the same components: Arduino Uno/CNC Shield V3.0/8825 stepper drivers and nema 17 motors.

Channel X on the CNC board is working perfectly. (motor spins as commanded in either direction)
Channel Y only spins counter-clockwise regardless of which direction you choose
Channel Z only spins clockwise regardless of which direction you choose.
Channel A does nothing. (but MacboyCanada said he had all 4 drivers working.

Does anyone know how to correct this? I am EXTREMELY new to arduino :astonished: and I’m digging through all the code line by line to try and comprehend what is happening and why this isn’t working.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
I’ve attached the sketch as MacboyCanada posted it. (just the filename has changed)

MacBoy_Canada_sketch_jan31b.ino (40.8 KB)



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