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ok I am very new to all of this so please bare with me… I have a 24vdc clock coil that is currently hooked up to 2 arduino uno and a L293DNE H- Bridge after looking at the second attachment can someone tell me how to protect the circuit from both switches being powered up at the same time or how to consolidate to one arduino uno and use the switches to control the speed… currently one arduino is set to reverse polarity every 60sec the other is a setting function and reverses polarity every 2 seconds

prototype-1.pdf (28.3 KB)

prototype-2.pdf (28.1 KB)

I won't bare with you, but I will bear with you.

I'm unsure what you are doing from the block diagram. Why can't you just use one Arduino? What are SW4 and SW5? Manual toggle switches? Why are there two L293s? What input is coming into the Arduinos?

Is the Arduino feeding data to the L293, or is the output of the L293 going to the Arduino? Why does the Arduino seem to have a 24V voltage supply in it?

What kind of clock coil is that? Is that part of a clock motor (which are normally AC powered) or part of a different coil/clock? I don't get what that is.

Do you have a more detailed and accurate schematic?

ok I want one arduino board to be on at all times lets call that board "A" and the secondary board "B" when board "A" is on "B" would be off to the coil via one of the switches when "B" is on board "A" would be off again via a switch if both switches happen to both be closed at the same time it burns up the H-bridges and I dont want to have to change fuses if this scenario happens I would like logic gates to stop all power coming from either switch if they are both closed at the same time............I really hope this make some sense I am terrible at explaining this
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I can't tell what is controlling what. Why are there two Arduinos?

What are the Arduinos doing? Just sending signals to the 293s? How about one Arduino and one 293, and use pushbutton switches as inputs to the Arduino. And have the Arduino switch to whatever the 2nd one is supposed to do.

Why are there two Arduinos?

You still haven't explained what this is supposed to do.