Help with code for a children's game

Dear people,
I am an animator for children and I would like to make a fun game for water gun or nerf gun fight. The goal is to make a capture point. So a barrel surrounded by a LED strip and on top a big red button. I would like when they start pressing the button, it takes a minute before the whole LED strip to turns red. Also, to see the LED "counting/finishing". When they stop pressing the button before the minute ends, they need to start over. I can help myself hardware wise. Someone could provide me with code?
Thanks in advance

Generally this is not a free gift place.
There's a section where You can contract people to do the job, if Your wallet has the proper size.

Better is to split the project in pieces and learn how to manage the pieces one by one and finally assemble them.

Dear Railroader,
You have a fair point indeed. I will look into that as well. Could you help me on the way maybe, because no clue where to start?
Kind regards

What exact LED strip? Does the strip start at off and slowly fade to bright red after one minute?
What sort of display shows the count? Count of seconds (0 - 60)?

Number one is to decide for the hardware needed. Likely You have ideas about that. As @ groundFungus says, decide for what type of LEDs. any special demands that makes one LED strip preferable?
Then find out how to use that item. Selecting this or that LED? Sure helpers can contribute.

Point is, this is stepwise.

What do you actually have in front of you? What have you done with it so far? We can explain what pieces you will need but it will be an interactive process as you get one little part working, then add a piece and so on.

If you do not have an Arduino already, do not buy a UNO. A Nano is more practical. And an interesting point - don't just buy one (and this applies to many things). "Clones" are quite cheap.

Before Tom gets to it, what actually is your experience of electronic construction and coding? What is an "animator for children"?

Oops.... I've made all my mistakes using cheap UNOs, and learned some things. Joking! Good! Buy a least a few of most everything. Wrecked an UNO the mechanical way but never made electrical toast of any component.

Dear groundFungus,
I was planning on using WS2811led's for the fact you can program 1led at the time. I wasn't planning on using a display. The LED strip would finish when the minute is over. So one led at the time Till completely lit at one minute.
Kind regards

Dear Paul_B,
I have a nano lying around. Well an animator for children is someone who goes on summer camps and provides the games and proper guidance during activities. I don't know the correct translation in English, sorry.
Kind regards

Good. Much more practical than a UNO - for most things. :+1:

If you really have no clue were to start, maybe you can take a look at

It shows you a basic circuit for two different kind of LED strips (second type for your project). This will give you some ideas. Adding the button to the project will not be the difficult part.

There are, of course, many other videos and tutorials available online, where you can get other ideas on coding.

Have fun! :upside_down_face:

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