Help with Code for Robot with infrared and distance sensor

I am trying to build a robot that will has a clamp with a motor on it that will take a load drop it into a drop zone marked off with a large black square and a smaller black square in the middle that is located 2 ft away from the wall. And then i need it to return across a line. Any suggestions on where to start? I have Arduino with breadboard, infrared sensor, distance sensor, 4 wheel motors and a motor for the claw to open.

Any suggestions on where to start?

With just making the robot move in a coordinated fashion - that is all motors turning the same way.

Then, work on controlling speed. Then, work on turning left and right.

Then, you can think about making it actually do something.

First make a car.

Then add infrared sensors on it, use it to make a line following bot:

Plenty of resources online to help.

The sensors detect the change in colour by measuring the intensity of light recieved back(black absorbs more), so when you sense black on the right, move left, and so on... You can use the same to detect the square or a wall(or measure the distance of wall using the distance sensor)