Help with code optimization - for loop within for loop?

Hi, I have this piece of code that I would like to optimize by having another for loop that iterates from 0 to 3 to access the values that I need:

for (int thisColumn = 0; thisColumn < columnCount; thisColumn++) {
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][0], HIGH);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][1], HIGH);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][2], HIGH);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][3], HIGH);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][0], LOW);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][1], LOW);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][2], LOW);
    digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][3], LOW);

I want for it to call [thisColumn] where i ranges from 0 to 3.
Thank you for your help

it is not clear to me waht you want to do. Please write an example where the variable "thisColumm" is replaced by real numbers

you have a two dimensional array. Which of the two dimensions shall count up while the other columm stays at one number?

best regards Stefan

for (int thisColumn = 0; thisColumn < columnCount; thisColumn++) {
      for (int someOtherIndex = 0; someOtherIndex < 3; someOtherIndex++) {
        digitalWrite(columns[thisColumn][someOtherIndex], HIGH);
    // yadda yadda