Help with ColdTears CTE35IPS module

Hello, I recently bought a CTE35IPS but my SPI flash memory got corrupted somehow and I lost all fonts. :cold_sweat:

ColdTears offered to send me a new chip, which is very nice from them, but I was hoping that someone, with the same module, could make a backup of the flash memory with spiflash library and upload the file.

Thanks in advance.


Edit : I'm using the shield+screen on a DUE, in case that makes a difference

Doesn't Henning Karlsen have some procedure for this?

He does, I was referring to his library (spiflash) when I asked for a "backup" the backup procedure is in the example and it takes less than 2 minutes My issue is that, without that file, I can't restore the fonts, which renders the screen useless for text displaying. I tried to upload a new image (@ sector 475) and it worked, therefore my spi flash memory in not dead, just empty